Flat Betting


I do give this exact example in a few of my various other books, however, I will certainly replicate it below given that it is so vital. If you have actually acquired any one of my other parlay books, I first thanks and after that state, you can orient miss an area.

Math Disclaimer

I am stating it now, so please do not bother emailing me on this. I will cover the means I bet as well as the mathematics will be incorrect. I will write in abstract principles so you obtain the idea. I am not trying to be a mathematician. The mathematics individuals of the globe discount my concepts. Patterns might not be mathematically audio however they sure do take place. Look no further than the coin toss in the Super Dish. Twelve years straight the NFC has actually won the toss. Annually the opportunity of winning is 50/50. The chance of winning is always 50/50.

Whom will I be backing? The NFC because there is no way I am throwing a twelve-year pattern.

Flat Betting

Flat betting is the means 99.9% of gamblers bet. That stat alone ought to inform you exactly how incorrect this should be.

Flat betting is placing the exact same dollar amount on all your wagers. An example would be if you like three video games tonight, you will certainly wager $110 to win $100 on each of these plays.

Let me take a minute right here to discuss the vigorish and/or compensation costs. When placing a level bet, you need to pay a 10% payment on each wager. This payment is often called the vig for brief.

This compensation destroys the flat gambler. It is a slow-moving death. The majority of wagerers do not even understand what is occurring.

The opportunities of winning even money bets are 50/50. The chances of winning two straight are 3-1 against the player. The probabilities are 7-1 against the player to win three video games straight.

The effect of this vig is that you require to win 53% of your video games simply to recover the cost.

I believe there is a location for flat betting which is for a final hedge wager. When you are in a setting to lock in a profit, it is OK to use a level bet. I will certainly go into this carefully later on in the book.